Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life but for some, it can also be the most difficult and challenging. Although pregnancy can make a woman feel tired and listless, there are ways to make the body feel more energized and exercise is one of them. Despite the seemingly delicate nature of pregnancy, the right kinds of exercises are safe and will make you feel better.
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Safe exercises during pregnancy should not be too high impact such as running and jumping. Stay away also from risky exercises such as biking and horseback riding because you would not want to have even a minor accident while riding or biking. Instead, go for low impact exercises that involve less force and stress on your body and have a lower risk of injury. 

Below are some of these low impact exercises that are safe for pregnancy. But before you start exercising, it is safest to consult your doctor before starting on any kind of exercise to make sure that it is safe for your particular case.

  • Walking. When everything else is restricted for those who may have a more delicate pregnancy, walking is the last option. This is one of the easiest to do especially since you can do it anywhere whether you are in the confines of your home or in a commercial property in the Philippines. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes that provide good support for your feet and do not forget to enjoy your walks no matter where you take them.
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  • Yoga. Although the regular kind of yoga may not be appropriate for many pregnant women, there are a lot of poses that are quite safe even if you have a huge tummy already. If you are taking classes, make sure to inform the yoga teacher. Some yoga centers even offer yoga classes specifically for pregnant women.
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  • Swimming. If you want an exercise that can provide you a whole body muscle workout, swimming is the best exercise for you. Not only is swimming a good cardiovascular exercise, it will also make you feel good about your body because you will feel lighter in the water. However, make sure that you have someone with you whenever you go for a swim to ensure that you have someone to help you should you have difficulty breathing or you get cramps.
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  • Stretching. Simple stretches even just before and after sleeping will help you feel better and will get your body ready for the difficulties of labor and delivery. Go for stretches that will ease your tired back muscles and relieve the tiredness from your legs.
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Benefits of Living in the Province

Over the years, Metro Manila has been steadily growing in population. It is quite common for many of those who live in the provinces to go to Metro Manila with hopes of finding a better job that lets them earn more.
However, despite the many perks of living in a very urban place like Metro Manila, there are also numerous benefits to living in the province. Below are just some of them.
  •   Less congested. Just like in many urban areas, space is a luxury in Metro Manila. Living in the province means that there is more space. There are also less people and less traffic, both of which contribute a lot to how congested Metro Manila is. 
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  • Less expensive. You will be able to afford more if you are living in the province. A house and lot in Ilo-ilo will be more affordable than a similar house and lot in Metro Manila. There are numerous on sale properties in Philippinesfor prices that are lower than in Metro Manila. Other household goods are also slightly less expensive compared to their prices in Metro Manila. Vegetables, fruits, and meat, in particular, are usually more affordable in the province.

  • More trees. Sometimes the sight of lush trees can be almost rare in Metro Manila. Although many developments now incorporate a greener landscape, seeing and having thick clumps of trees that are growing voluntarily on their own is different.
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  •  Less pollution. Since there are less people, less cars, and more trees, the air in the provinces are usually cleaner and fresher. 

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  •       Less stress. Somehow, living in rural areas can be less stressful than living in the city. People are more laidback and the pace of everyday living is usually slower and more relaxed. Instead of the usual hurried and busy lifestyles that people often have in Metro Manila, you can enjoy more time for leisure and relaxation in the

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