Choosing Between Two Best Housings

There are two popular types of housings in the Philippines today. These are condominiums and houses. So what are the reasons that made these types of housings popular? And which of these are the best?

Which type of housing is the best in the market, condominiums or houses? Although houses were known as one of the least popular types of housings in the Philippines, the popularity of houses had significantly risen due to the many new benefits that new houses are known to offer in today’s modern lifestyles, while condominiums are still known as one of the most popular and modern types of housings in the Philippines.

Which is the Best?
In terms of luxury and modern benefits, many Filipinos mostly opt to choose condominiums due to its many benefits that conform in today’s modern lifestyles, such as the need for accessibility to business and commercial districts. However, many modern Filipino families have said that houses, particularly the new ones, can now offer the kinds of benefits suitable for their growing children. So which of these are the best?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Houses
According to Philippines properties for sale experts, many new houses in the Philippines today are known to offer a number of new benefits that can conform to the needs of many Filipino families. Other than those houses found in residential districts, there are also a number of new houses found in exclusive housing communities around the outskirts of Metro Manila.

Because of its location, these new houses can offer their residents a peace and quiet rarely found in residential districts, while taking advantage of the security of these communities. In addition to that, these new housing communities can also offer their residents the chance to enjoy a few activities. This is because these new housing communities are also known for its collection of amenities such as swimming pools, sports complexes, as well as recreational parks and playgrounds.

But the best thing about these new houses is its affordability. However, according to Philippine real estate experts, unlike the affordability that other houses are also known for, these new houses can also offer a new term of payment that allows Filipinos to own a house while paying for it in installment, which makes these houses even more affordable compared to renting an apartment.

The disadvantage of these houses is the location, which is found far from the city, making it harder for residents to get back to their workplaces or even from entertainment places such as malls and shopping centers.

Advantages and Disadvantages Condominiums
What made condominiums popular in the market is because of its location, which is mostly in business and commercial districts. Because of this, residents can enjoy the luxury of living within walking distance from their workplaces as well as other popular entertainment places around the district.

What made condominiums even more popular is because this is the only type of modern housing in the middle of a business district that can offer amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and sports complexes for their residents.

However, other than in the city, many Philippines properties experts have said that there are also other types of condominiums found around the outskirts of Metro Manila, or even in several popular provinces. These types of condominiums are known as condominium complexes.

Similar to housing communities, condominium complexes are also known for its peaceful and family-oriented environment, along with amenities such as recreational parks and playgrounds.

The disadvantage of condominiums and condominium complexes is the cost, which is very expensive. Other than that, residents are also obligated to pay a sum of fee per month known as condo fees which are normally used for the maintenance of their condominium. For more information visit to our site at

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