Benefits of Living in the Province

Over the years, Metro Manila has been steadily growing in population. It is quite common for many of those who live in the provinces to go to Metro Manila with hopes of finding a better job that lets them earn more.
However, despite the many perks of living in a very urban place like Metro Manila, there are also numerous benefits to living in the province. Below are just some of them.
  •   Less congested. Just like in many urban areas, space is a luxury in Metro Manila. Living in the province means that there is more space. There are also less people and less traffic, both of which contribute a lot to how congested Metro Manila is. 
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  • Less expensive. You will be able to afford more if you are living in the province. A house and lot in Ilo-ilo will be more affordable than a similar house and lot in Metro Manila. There are numerous on sale properties in Philippinesfor prices that are lower than in Metro Manila. Other household goods are also slightly less expensive compared to their prices in Metro Manila. Vegetables, fruits, and meat, in particular, are usually more affordable in the province.

  • More trees. Sometimes the sight of lush trees can be almost rare in Metro Manila. Although many developments now incorporate a greener landscape, seeing and having thick clumps of trees that are growing voluntarily on their own is different.
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  •  Less pollution. Since there are less people, less cars, and more trees, the air in the provinces are usually cleaner and fresher. 

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  •       Less stress. Somehow, living in rural areas can be less stressful than living in the city. People are more laidback and the pace of everyday living is usually slower and more relaxed. Instead of the usual hurried and busy lifestyles that people often have in Metro Manila, you can enjoy more time for leisure and relaxation in the

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