A New Condo

Condominiums are some of the most popular types of housing in the Philippines today. And because of its popularity, a number of new condominiums were introduced in the market. One of these are condominium complexes, a type of condominium known for its peace and quiet environment.

A number of new types of housing have been introduced in the Philippines and one of the most popular are condominiums. Although it was only recently that condominiums were introduced in the market, many Filipinos have steadily opted to buying a condo unit rather than a house or a townhouse. Because of its huge demand, a number of new condo Philippines have been introduced. Some of them are condominium complexes.

A new condo
When we say condominiums, the first thing that comes into our minds are high-rise buildings and office buildings, usually found in major business districts such as in Makati and Ortigas as well as commercial areas. The luxury of living in these kinds of condo Philippines is with its location, which allows residents to be within walking distance or mass transit distance to their workplace.

However, other than these types of condominiums, a new breed of condos were introduced to provide a more luxurious living space aways from the city as well as its noises. These types of condominiums are mostly known as condominium complexes.

Condominium complexes are similar with townhouse complexes in terms of appearance. Both are located in wide expanse of land, in a peaceful and quiet location. Popular examples are those from Tagaytay, Novaliches, Taguig, and Marikina. So what are the advantages and disadvantages of owning condo from these types of condominiums?

Advantages and disadvantages
The main disadvantage of condominium complexes is that it put its residents too far from cities and business districts. The advantage, however, is that these types are more family-oriented mainly because of its environment which is far from the noise of the city. Another advantage is with its amenities.

Another similarities of condominium complexes from townhouse complexes is with its amenities. Amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, spas, and recreational parks are the things that made it similar to townhouse complexes. However, one major difference is with its cost, which is significantly cheaper than townhouse complexes.

Advantage from city condos
Although at the disadvantage in terms of location, these types of condominiums are usually more popular for a lot of Filipinos looking to start their own family. This is because of its location and environment, which is far away from the busy streets of Makati or Ortigas. Another popular advantage is with its amenities. Although there are a few condo Philippines known for their amenities such as in-door swimming pools, these types are usually more expensive than condominium complexes.

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