Why Apartments Became Popular

Apartments are some of the most popular types of housing in the Philippines. Part of what made it popular is its affordability. However, there are other reasons why apartments became popular. And here are the reasons why:

Other than condominiums, townhouses, and the simple house, apartments are also popular with many Filipinos. Part of what made apartments popular with Filipinos is with its affordability. This is because apartments are mostly rented or leased rather than being purchased which is usually the case with other types of housing. This allows Filipinos to find a suitable home without having to invest too much.

Popularity of apartments
Apartments became popular because of its affordability, which allowed many Filipinos to have a suitable home without investing too much on condominiums or houses. However, affordability is not the only reason why apartments became popular. There are also other reason why apartments became one of the most popular types of housing not only in the Philippines but across the world.

Studio type apartments
One popular type of apartment in the Philippines today is the studio type apartment. These types of apartments became popular because of its cheap rental fee. According to many Philippines properties experts, these types of apartments tend to be the smallest apartments with the cheapest rents in a given area.

Although considered as the smallest, most of these types of apartments are found within walking distance or mass transit distance from major business districts such as Makati City and other popular commercial areas. This makes it easier for residents to get to work immediately, while paying little for the rental fee.

One/two/three bedroom apartments
However, studio type apartments are usually for non-married individuals, and not appropriate for families with 3 or more members. This is the reason why the one/two/three bedroom apartments were introduced in the market. These types of apartments are usually appropriate for families. And like the studio type apartments, these are also found near major business districts, which is a benefit for many Filipinos. According to many Philippines properties experts, the difference with studio type apartments, other than its size, is its cost, which is more expensive than renting a studio type apartment.

Garden apartment complex
Other than the studio type apartments and the one/two/three bedroom apartments, a new type of apartment was introduced in the Philippines. According to many Philippines properties experts, these new types of apartments are similar to townhouse complexes and condominium complexes in terms of location and amenities. These are the garden apartment complex.

A garden apartment complex consists of low-rise apartment buildings built with landscaped grounds surrounding them. A garden apartment has some characteristics of a townhouse: each apartment has its own building entrance, or just a few apartments share a small foyer or stairwell at each building entrance. Unlike a townhouse, each apartment occupies only one level.

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