Similarities Of Condominiums And Apartments

Condominiums and apartments, though different in terms of ownership, in which apartments are rented or leased while condominiums are individually owned, there are several similarities between the two types of housing. These include:

Apartments are some of the most popular types of housing in the Philippines today. According to many philippine real estate experts, majority of Filipinos today are living in an apartment, may it be a building or any type of housing. One reason why apartments became very popular is because of its affordability, which allowed many Filipinos to have a suitable home without having to invest too much.

Recently, however, condominiums have also become very popular in the Philippine market. Although not as affordable as apartments, these types of housing became popular because of its luxurious lifestyle and location. Although both types of housing are different in terms of ownership, in which condominiums are usually bought than rented, there are several similarities between these two.

Similarities in location
Apartments first became popular as a type of housing near business districts of Metro Manila. Compared to the usual type of apartments today, apartments in the past are mostly made up of high-rise buildings. According to many philippine real estate experts, these types of apartments became popular the same reason why condominiums became popular in the first place.

The one reason why condominiums became popular was with its location. Most condominiums today are found either near or within major business districts such as in Makati City or around Ortigas, Pasig City. This was also the reason why apartments became popular. Because of its location, residents were given the chance to live within walking distance or mass transit distance to their workplaces.

Although the number of condominiums have significantly outpaced apartments in these popular areas, a number of apartments are still being made available in the market, though much more expensive than those found in the suburbs.

Another similarities in terms of location is with the introduction of condominium complexes. Condominium complexes are a type of condominium which are mostly found around the outskirts while some are even found in provincial areas such as Tagaytay. Its similarities with apartments are with the apartment garden complex, which are also found in these locations.

Similarities in build and amenities
Other than the location of condominium complexes and apartment garden complexes, their are also a number of similarities with its built, amenities and luxuries. Similar with each other, apartment garden complexes and condominium complexes are usually sited on a wide expanse of land, normally overlooking a great view or environment.

Another similarities is with its amenities. According to many experts, condominium complexes became popular because of their amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and recreational areas like parks and playgrounds. However, compared to the number of condominium complexes, apartment garden complexes are rare in the Philippines compared to other countries.

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